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The Company

Gentopia Laboratories

Our mission at Gentopia Laboratories is, and will always be, to produce the most effective, scientifically advanced formulas available today. From start to finish, we use the most technologically advanced methods to create consistent products that include only the most modern, scientifically-studied natural substances used at their optimal dosages and synergistic blends. Our company uses the services of expert nutritional professionals to develop our products and it is this experience and expertise that makes the end result the high-quality and innovative product it is.

Gentopia Labs has worked hard to earn its place in the industry as one of the most trusted producers of quality supplements and through every step of the process, from the initial idea, the extensive research to presenting the finished product to the customer, we intend to maintain this position. By making efficacy and quality two of our main priorities, the increasingly health-conscious consumer knows that they will always receive a nutritionally-innovative product that will help them achieve the active and full lifestyle they’ve come to expect.

All Gentopia Labs products are made by under the strictest quality control procedures and by manufacturers adhering to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) we can be confident in guaranteeing pure, potent and well-sourced supplements. We believe that these measures should be standard practice in addition to sourcing and testing all ingredients thoroughly before adding them to any product. The selection of all raw materials is in our complete control and we retain all documentation regarding the identity of these ingredients which are all tested for purity, composition and strength. Third party lab testing only adds to this comprehensive process which, when combined with our unparalleled and meticulous attention to detail, makes us confident in guaranteeing each and every one of our products. As our valued customer, you will always be certain of receiving a high quality, safe and effective product that will enhance your health and vitality.